2012 Email & Website Specifications
Inside Radio is a radio trade newsletter published Monday through Friday as a PDF and Mobile/PDA(HTML) versions. Designed in Adobe InDesign with 1 to 6 pages of content featuring strip ads at the bottom of each page. The HTML Mobile Version is a simple text version featuring "google-style" ad annotations spaced within the content. The twice daily email features half banners, a standard 728 banner ad and Sponsor Link with Image Logo. The website www.insideradio.com features a 468x60 top banner, 300x250 cube ads, 300x100 half banners, inside page leaderboard/bottom 728x90 and video sponsorships for our daily webcast video feature.

Ad Sizes & Standards
RGB, 300dpi, JPGs or PDFs are accepted. PC compatible files. Please flatten all fonts. No black/white ads will be needed. Low resolution or poor graphic quality images will run only at the discretion of the client. Separate fonts/image files are not necessary. Include URL.
  • Standard Strip: (Pg 1-4) 7.5" (w) x 2.125" (h)
  • Full Page: 7.5" (w) x 9.5" (h)
  • Page One Cut-Out: 7.5" (w) x 2.125" (h) 1.5" over top limit/no more than 2.25" wide inset limit
  • Page Three Half Strip: 3.65" (w) x 2.125" (h)
  • Page Three Center Square: 3.25" square
  • HTML Version Ad Annotation: 15 words w/web link "google-like" text
    The Blue Page: Monday feature w/Tuesday email and website article. 600-650 words. Headline, subheads w/copy. Include Images, contact info, and URL. (layout style specific)  SAMPLE  
Animated Gifs or still JPGs are accepted for the email. 50k limit. Include URL.
  • Half Banner: 234 px (w) x 120 px (h) *NEW SIZE*  
  • Standard Leaderboard Banner: 728 px (w) x 90 px (h)
    Standard Footer Banner: 728 px (w) x 90 px (h)
  • Sponsor Link - Text : 50 words inlcuding headline (w/your logo)
    Sponsor Link - Image: 400 (w) x 100 (h);
  • Standard Banner: 728 px (w) x 90 px (h) / 250 px (w) x 250 px (h)
Website www.insideradio.com
Flash or Animated Gifs are accepted for the website. 50k limit. Include URL.
  • Flash Top Banner: 468 px (w) x 60 px (h)
  • Cube Image: 300 px (w) x 250 px (h)
  • Video: 300 (w) x 245 (h) (Flash embedded Object code i.e. YouTube)
    Webcast Sponsor: 10-12sec/ HD 16:9 1280x720/ .mpg or .mp4
  • Half Banner : 300 px (w) x 100 px (h)
  • Skycraper: 160 px (w) x 600 px (h)
  • Inside Page Top Leaderboard: 728 px (w) x 90 px (h)
  • Bottom Page Leaderboard: 728 px (w) x 90 px (h)
  • Website Take-Over (background): 1700x1000px w/960px center clear area/380px size limit
  • The Blue Page: 600-650 words. Headline, subheads w/copy. Include Images, contact info, and URL. (layout style specific) ARTICLE 


Delivery, Deadline & Details

prior to the week that your ad is scheduled to run.

  • Submission of your ad means it is approved for use in Inside Radio on your contracted date(s). Send artwork to: graphics@insideradio.com.
  • Email delivery should not exceed 5mg.
  • FTP Information:
    FTP Address:
  • FTP Default Directory: /Testbox
  • FTP Login ID: ftp36494995-10 
    FTP Password: mstreet
  • Upload Folder: "Drop-Off"
  • Ad design services are available - rate: $100 per hour or negotiable.
  • Ask your Account Executive about this option.
  • If you are experiencing deadline or art issues, do not hesitate to call with any questions.
Kelli Grisez | Art Director | graphics@insideradio.com | T: 615-793-2905 | F: 615-523-2259
1168 Ben Hill Blvd. Nolensville, TN 37135


Account Executives:
ATLANTA: Beth Dell'Isola 800.248.4242 x705
BIRMINGHAM: Drew Simpson 800.248.4242 x707
FLORIDA: John Barlett 561.577.2966
LOS ANGELES: Andy Whatley 800.248.4242 x717

General Manager  
Gene McKay - 800.248.4242 x 711 (Classified Ads)